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Our Service Portfolio

Our Services

Our major expertise area is IBMi and DB2fori


Our major expertise area is INTEGRATION, we love app DEVELOPMENT projects, but if you're looking for platform mainetenace specialists, that's good address. Our specialists in average have +10Y experience with IBMi plaform.

Application Development

Our engeeniers may help you in deliverying new features and functions through your applications and systems. We really love coding in RPG, SQL, XSLT .NET and javascript.

Application Modernization

IBM i has many brand new, modern features. We can help you to use them and move your legacy applications into the 21st century. Interested in WebBased UI for your end-users?


Our core products allows to integrate your SAP instances with IBMi platform. Out-of-the-box you will get toolbox, for iDOC valiation, decomposing, merging and using workflows.

Open Source Technolgy

The world of Open Source continues to rapidly evolve and change. This is also very much the case for the IBM i.

Database & tuning

If you are experiencing performance-related issues with your applications or db2 databases, we can help. Let us audit your DB and pinpoint bottlenecks.

linux on power

Take full advantage of having POWER MACHINE in your landscape, set up linux partition and use CPU POWER for free

Reporting and analisys

Your DB2 is doing great analitics, just launch IBM Db2 WebQuery for i .

Our Portfolio

We are a Center of excellence for IBM i, PIM and Integration. The success stories presented below focus mainly on these areas.

About us



Trenton solutions provide the right balance of services when developing fluid and interactive applications. Our solid core proposition, HAART, is important for building an integration model that must constantly adapt and update to satisfy modern product needs. We are also an independent software vendor (ISV). Our ESB server with cache running on IBM i and DB2 support helps our clients exchange data fast and creates robust communication channels between applications or systems in their landscapes, even when messages need to be translated or converted on the fly. Our product can also help you to secure critical resources through enterprise resource planning (ERP). Responses can be delivered to callers using data stored in the local cache, without reducing ERP efficiency. Moreover, HAART supports integration with industry standards including SAP and Stibo Step out-of-the-box. HAART perfectly facilitates the asset acquisition process for your MDM-related processes. BMEcat files or photos can be automatically downloaded from supplier sites, transformed and uploaded to MDM, ERP or e-commerce systems.

Who We Are

TRENTON SOLUTIONS specializes in delivering enterprise software solutions that help companies improve business performance today, while preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow. Utilizing solid business experience, industry-specific expertise and proven methodologies, we consistently deliver measurable results for our customers.  Trenton Solutions is results-driven and maintains a firm commitment to customer satisfaction. We maximize your return with skilled, accomplished consultants who understand the necessity of adding value to your business. Our holistic implementation models are designed to enable continuous improvement and ensure successful solutions. Our major area of expertise is in IBM POWER SYSTEMS technology, particularly IBM i. We have 15 years of experience in supporting, developing and re-engineering applications running on DB2 in multiple business verticals and industries. We are also active and visible in IBM i and POWER SYSTEM related communities, including COMMON. Trenton Solutions has a member on the COMMON EUROPE ADVISORY COUNCIL.

What We Do

We focus on providing Enterprise solutions using IBM POWER SYSTEMS, especially IBM i. Our services portfolio includes integration, new application development and enhancements for existing applications. We code in RPG, XML, java and .NET. Trenton solutions has extensive experience in modeling, designing and delivering integration interfaces for industry-leading software applications including SAP, Hybris, MS Dynamic CRM and Stibo STEP. We can set up perfect data distribution models and we appreciate what JUST-IN -TIME data delivery means for businesses. Our second area of expertise is MDM. Successfully completed projects prove our competence in this area. We help our clients use data by setting up information-centric organisations and implement major-brand software applications including MS Dynamics XRM or STIBO's STEP.


  • SAP PI
  • MS Dynamics 2015 CRM
  • Open Source on IBMi


  • Services for IBM POWER SYSTEMS
  • Application development in RPG, SQL, XSLT and .NET
  • Renovating customer technology landscapes and moderinzing legacy systems
  • Consulting services for MASTER DATA and PIM

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